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Contact Lens Fitting & Evaluation    

If you currently wear contact lenses, thinking about trying contact
lenses, or have not been satisfied with contact lenses in the past,
the advancements in contact lens materials and designs have
allowed almost anyone to wear contact lenses more comfortably
and with better vision.  Whether it is time to upgrade your current
contact lenses, try contacts for the first time, or give them
​​​​​​​another try, it’s a great time to do so!

First, a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Before being evaluated for contact lenses, a comprehensive eye exam needs to be performed.  During this exam our optometrists will determine your prescription for corrective lenses.  Our eye doctor will then evaluate your overall ocular health to identify any potential eye health problems or issues that may interfere with successful contact lens wear.

Consultation to Explore Contact Lens Options

With the vast number of contact lens options available today, a consultation with an optometrist to discuss your lifestyle and goals for wearing contact lenses will help determine the most successful options for you.  Most contact lens wearers are wearing soft contact lenses because of their comfort and convenience, however rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses are still an option.  We fit RGPs regularly and are well-versed in this arena.  

Bifocals?  No need to worry.  Multifocal contact lenses are proven to provide good vision at all distances without the need for eyeglasses.  Mono-vision may also be an option.  Astigmatism?  No worries.  Today’s toric lenses are better than they have ever been and are very stable on they eye resulting in more consistent vision. 

Measurements for Contact Lenses

Given that our eyes come in all different sizes and shapes, one contact lens size does not fit all eyes.  To ensure for a proper fitting contact lens, precise measurements of your eyes will be taken.  If the curvature of a contact lens is too flat or too steep for your eye's shape, you may experience discomfort, poor vision, or even cause damage to your eye.  Our eye doctors will perform the proper measurements to determine the best contact lens size, shape, and design for your eyes. 

Fitting of Contact Lenses

Trial contact lenses are placed on the eyes to confirm that the lens option chosen is correct for your eyes.  If the vision, comfort, and fit are all doing well, then you will be given instructions on how to clean your lenses and how long to wear them.  If you are a fist-time contact lens wearer, you will be shown and taught how to handle, insert, and remove your new contact lenses.  A contact lens follow-up exam will then be scheduled.  

Contact Lens Follow-Up Exams

A contact lens follow-up examination is needed to confirm your lenses are still fitting your eyes properly, your vision remains good, and that your eyes are able to tolerate contact lens wear.  Contact lens follow-up examinations play a crucial role in fully evaluating your eyes for contact lenses.  On the rare occasion that contact lenses are causing an issue, your follow-up examination will allow our eye doctors to detect any early signs that may preclude an issue.  If such warning signs are evident during your follow-up visit, several things may be recommended to alleviate any issues such as trying a different lens or lens material, using a different lens care method, or by simply adjusting your contact lens wear time.  After confirming the fitting of the trial contact lenses is successful, a contact lens prescription will be finalized.

Contact Lens Prescription

A contact lens prescription designates the contact lens power, the base curve, the lens diameter, and the lens name and manufacturer.  In the case of RGP contact lenses, additional specifications may also be included in the contact lens prescription.

Your Next Contact Lens Exam

FDA regulation states that even if you are having no problems with the contact lenses, you are required to schedule a contact lens examination once a year to confirm your eyes are tolerating contact lens wear without complications and that your vision hasn’t changed.  Contact lens over wear and extended wear can cause major infections, irritations, and even permanent loss of vision.  Please follow your eye doctor’s recommended wear schedule.  

Please call 970-249-2020 in Montrose or 970-874-8110 in Delta or schedule your contact lens exam online with San Juan Eye Centers today! 

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