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Dry Eyes

What is Dry Eye?

San Juan Eye Center's Dry Eye Treatment Center is dedicated to finding the best treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.  We understand how frustrating the symptoms of dry eye can have on your daily activities.  By utilizing specific tests designed to help determine the type of dry eye you have, we are able to thoroughly evaluate your dry eyes and initiate a personalized treatment plan. 

What Causes Dry Eyes?

Causes of dry eyes may include the following: 
• Age - dry eye is part of the natural aging process.  Majority of people 65 or older experience some symptoms of dry eyes. 
• Gender - due to hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, use of oral contraceptives, and menopause women are more likely to develop dry eyes. 
• Environmental - exposure to wind, dry climates (Colorado), smoke, or staring at a computer screen for extended periods of time can cause the tears to evaporate more rapidly than normal causing dry eye symptoms.   
• Medical conditions - rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, thyroid issues, and Sjogren's Syndrome are examples of medical conditions that can cause symptoms of dry eyes.  Inflammation of the surface of the eye or eyelids, the turning of the eyelids inward or outward can also cause dry eyes. 
• Medications - antihistamines, decongestants, antidepressants, and blood pressure medications can decrease the amount of tears being produced in the eyes. 

How Can Dry Eyes be Treated?

At our Dry Eye Treatment Center, our optometrists will treat and manage your dry eyes by prescribing a treatment plan that is tailored to meet your individual needs.  The goal to successfully treating dry eyes is to either add tears, conserve tears, increase tear production, or reduce the ocular surface inflammation.
• Adding tears - Some mild cases of dry eyes can be managed by using over-the-counter artificial tears.  Preservative-free artificial tears are recommended because they have fewer additives which may promote the symptoms of dry eyes.  Artificial tears can be used as often as needed.  Some people may have persistent dry eyes that don't get relief from artificial tears alone.  Additional treatment will be needed to manage their dry eye symptoms. 
• Conserving tears - An additional approach to managing dry eye symptoms is to get the naturally produced tears to stay on the eyes longer.  This can be accomplished by blocking the tear ducts that allow the tears to drain.  The tear ducts can be blocked by a tiny silicone or gel-like plug called a punctal plug.  
• Nutritional Supplements - Omega-3 fatty acid, fish oil, or flax seed oil may also be part of the treatment plan.  
• Increasing the amount of tears - Prescription eye drops like Restasis and low-dose steroids can be used help increase the production of tears.  
• Reduce ocular surface inflammation - To help decrease inflammation warm compresses with lid massage, and eyelid cleaners may be used.  Our optometrists highly recommend use of a Bruder Mask to help the eyelid glands function properly.  We have them available in the office for your convenience.  

​​​​​​​Millions of Americans suffer from itchy, scratchy, burning eyes. Lid hygiene is an often overlooked aspect of people’s daily routine. Cleaner lids are easier with Blephadex wipes with their patented blend of tea tree and coconut oils. This soothing combination makes it simple to cleanse and massage your eyelids.

Blephadex​​​​​​​ wipes can help clean, soothe, and moisturize the eyelids. Using Blephadex once per day means you get the same product at home that is also used in doctor’s offices all around the world. Our research-backed formula and quality assurance means you get what it says on our labels, including only the purest tea tree and coconut oils.

Many other wipes out there on the market today only offer a cleanser, but Blephadex’s patented composition means you get soothing, gentle relief.

These wipes are available at both our Delta and Montrose locations.  Stop by today to try them  

Any Additional Tips?

There are additional steps to help reduce the discomfort caused by dry eyes:
• Wear sunglasses when outdoors will help to reduce exposure to wind, dust, and sun.  Sunglasses with a wrap-around frame with a foam backing to seal out exposure to these items offer the best protection.  Wiley-X offers great protection.  We offer these quality sunglasses at both of our offices.  
• Increase the level of humidity in the air at home and work.  Utilize an air cleaner to filter the dust and other particles from the air. 
• Remember to blink while reading or working on the computer for long periods of time. 
• Give your eyes a break from reading or computer work.  Look elsewhere and relax your eyes for a few minutes periodically throughout the day.
• Drink plenty of water to keep from becoming dehydrated. 

If you are seeking relief from your dry eye symptoms, please call us at 970-249-2020 in Montrose or 970-874-8110 in Delta or schedule an appointment online with San Juan Eye Centers today!