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1805 S Hillcrest Dr.
Montrose, CO 81401
Phone: (970) 249-2020

164 W. 3rd St.
Delta, CO 81416
Phone: (970) 874-8110

Emergency Contact: In case of an emergency, 
please phone our office at (970) 249-2020 and 
follow the instructions.​​​​​​​

Lens Treatments 

A lens treatment is a special additive that either bonds with
the lens, or is built into the lens during the lens
manufacturing process resulting in many benefits. Common
Lens Treatments:

• Anti-Reflective Coatings
For clearer vision, less glare, better comfort, and greater
cosmetic appeal anti-reflective treatments are the way to go.
Anti-reflective treatments help eliminate glare from
headlights, computer screens, fluorescent lighting, or any
other environments with harsh lighting, and the lenses will
​​​​​​​seem nearly invisible!  This treatment also comes with a built in scratch coat and warranty. We recommend Crizal anti-reflective coatings.




• UV Protective Coating
You wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the UV rays.  Why not do the same and protect your eyes with lenses that block 100% of harmful UV rays? 

• Scratch Resistant Coatings
Scratches on your lenses are distracting, interfere with vision, and limit the performance of your lenses.  Scratch resistant treatments provide a way to eliminate these annoyances to maintain clear, comfortable vision with your eyeglasses.  Our scratch coating also gives you a warranty in case your lenses do get scratched.  

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