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1805 S Hillcrest Dr.
Montrose, CO 81401
Phone: (970) 249-2020

164 W. 3rd St.
Delta, CO 81416
Phone: (970) 874-8110

Emergency Contact: In case of an emergency, 
please phone our office at (970) 249-2020 and 
follow the instructions.​​​​​​​

What to Expect

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your eye exam so we can make sure we have your most current health information in our system.  For regularly scheduled eye exams, expect to spend about an hour for your dilated eye exam.  First time contact lens wearers and those selecting eyewear may spend more time.
You will undergo a series of vision and eye tests that help determine the overall health of your eyes and quality of your vision.  Precise measurements will be taken to determine if corrective lenses are needed.  If corrective lenses are currently being used then tests will be performed to make sure your current prescription for eyeglasses or contacts are still meeting your vision requirements.  Your eye doctor will also check your eyes for signs of any potential vision problems or eye diseases.  Our optometrists may dilate your pupils as to better verify the health of the eyes.

After all the testing is completed, a discussion about the current state of your eye health and vision ensue.  If corrective lenses are needed and after determining your individual needs, your eye doctor will prescribe the necessary vision correction.  Any health concerns or possibly serious vision complications will also be discussed and what further steps you can take to preserve and protect your vision and ocular health. 

Vision screenings offered by health clinics, pediatricians, public schools, or the Lion’s Club are not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam.  During a comprehensive eye exam, several and more detailed tests will be performed to fully evaluate all your vision requirements and complete ocular health.  For your comprehensive eye exam, bring the findings from your vision screening so we know the potential vision issues to be confirmed. 

Medical History Exams (Coming Soon!)

If you feel you are in an eye emergency situation with your eyes or your vision, please do not wait!  Call our office to receive immediate emergency attention, or call 911, or seek immediate medical treatment at the emergency room.